Why chose a Stackable Washer & Dryer? Save Space, Energy and Money

When you purchase a Stackable Washer Dryer unit, you are joining the ranks of many people who are looking to purchase smaller units for various reasons, including many renters and homeowners. Traditionally, when your purchased a washer and dryer you generally would purchase the top-loading style washing machine, but for your dryer, most people purchased a front-loading dryer. Nowadays, new front loading washers can offer water efficiency, energy savings and even better care to your clothing when compared to their top-loading counterparts.

Owning a stackable wahser dryer combination will give you one of the most efficient uses of your cubic space, and because of their size, they are often the best engery savers. Owning a stackable unit is often best for smaller households where the demand for their use is lower.

Most of the stackable washers and dryers are fron-loading units. This generally means they have the aid of gravity to help agitate your clothes instead of a tumbler that beats your clothing in top-loading washers. This feature is important because front-loading washer are using gravity without a tumbler mechanisim, which in turn puts less stress on your garments. This can add to the durability of your clothing and alows you to keep them around a lot longer.

Prices for a stackable washer and dryer are frequently less expensive than most traditional washer and dryer models, which are sold separately. One of the disadvantages of a stackable washer/dryer is that some have one part that may be made of a higher quality than another.

The typical example for this is when you have a model that has a terrific washer; however, the dryer portion is not as reliable or even breaks down. As a workaround solution, some folks purchase better performing models of each and put therm together in their own stackable washer dreyer unit. Now this will only work with the correct positioning of the control knobs, and of course the one unit must fit firmly on top of the other without the risk of the units moving or tilting.

Another consideration is that what you gain in saving space, enegery and money is that you will not have the same features as full-sized washers and dryers. Because of the space limitations, they simply cannot offer all the same bells and whistles as traditional, full-sized washers and dryers.

A stackable washer-dryer unit is perfect for those living in a small home, apartment, or just limited on space. There are even stackable washer-dryer units for recreational vehicles and mobile homes.

Still, the stackable units are not for everyone. Your washing loads may be smaller, and you need to consider if a particular company makes a better washer versus the dryer or vice-versa.

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